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Not before time, here tis the second album.

Schoolbus records is proud to present the launch of Shooting Stars, October 2011.

We'd just love for you to come on out to get down at one, or all, of the launch gigs.

With a full band, these gigs are gonna be something special, and we sure are looking forward to seeing you there.

Special treat for y'all, studio footage and interview for "Shooting Stars"

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My talented friend Carol Bean of 'PressGo Productions' shot & edited up this lil' expose & sneak preview of us at Braeburn while doing the album, & cut in some interview footage from her upcoming NZ Songwriter series! Theres also some earlier footage of the basis of two tracks which I laid down the previous year. Thanks So Much Carol!! Check out other Carol Bean Utube vids of great local music, including her own great musical output! Yehaa!!

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