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Spaceman Album

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12 Tracks. All original songs. All Vocals & Guitars by Paul Symons.

Released April 2005.

'Spaceman' is a songwriter's album based on hot rhythm & fingerstyle acoustic guitar playing. Though its essentially a solo album, many of the 12 tracks feature harmony backing vocals & backing from slide guitar also by Paul Symons. One track ('Golden Holden') was recorded using an original 1930's 'National' resonator guitar. There are also a couple of instrumental tracks. The style is homegrown New Zealand music viewed through the 'blues' lens, and though its just one guy, the songs & styles flow, without sounding repetitive!

The recording was done at the marvelous 'Braeburn Recording Studio' in Wellington by Robbie Duncan, in glorious tone. The sound is excellent & guitar tones are sweet: This album can be played at volume without sounding 'tinny' or fear of distortion! If you like the sound of this,contact me to order a copy today. If not, keep reading this page until you're convinced. ENJOY!

For those that might like to sing along - Spaceman Lyrics



NZ Musician

Review by Bruce Morley, April/May 2005

Those who know Paul Symons might say he’s a typical Westie - quietly conservative and a bit of a rebel at the same time, determined to see things through, doesn’t suffer fools gladly, loyal, a tough guy but loves his woman to bits too. Such character traits areall present on this little beauty of an album, where Symons has done everything from the whimsical sculptures for the cover art to the neat country/blues/rock songwriting, geetar playing, slide overdubs, vocals, dedications and enigmatic liner notes. (A tip: leave the disc running after the last track has finished.)He also owns the vintage bus and truck in the cover photos.

This is the kind of album we welcome from the likes of Guy Clark “rooted firmly in the singer’s own world, no bullshit, nicely crafted songs with meaning and wry humour”, cool instrumentals, all his own work. The most honest album I’ve heard in a long time and anyone who can title a modest slide guitar instrumental Tomato Soup is alright by me.

Review link: http://www.nzmusician.co.nz/index.php/pi_pageid/10/pi_albumid/474


Blues News

Review by Mike Garner, 25/07/2005

Paul Symons, Spaceman, Self produced
Spaceman; Tomato Soup; Wild West; Golden Holden; Missing You; Goin' To See My Girl; Duckbread Blues; Nothing To Say; Sometimes; 90 Mile Beach; Ansafone; The Last Run

Paul appears to be a 'Westie' and proud owner of a house truck, which features in the title track. This album of original songs spans a decade or so and are personal recollections of his life. But don't get the idea that this is too introspective. Symons is a great guitar player. Much of the album is acoustic but there's a good sprinkling of electric guitar sounds. He is an accomplished slide player who can go from a Ry Cooderish 'Tomato Soup' to a pre-war picked slide like McTell, on 'Golden Holden'. The latter is a hymn to what he calls the 'bluesman's car'.

'Missing You' is a beautiful song, with a contemporary country lilt to it, and lets Symons' voice float over the pretty guitar melody. There's other hints of country rock, too, 'Duckbread Blues' rocks with more great electric slide and fun lyrics - "when you can't earn a crust you got the duckbread blues". 'Sometimes' returns to a simple melody over a folky picked guitar. '90 Mile Beach' has layered acoustics and electric slide creating a lush texture, with harmonised chorus and another great song. 'Ansafone' s just that - his voice mail message - cool but tantalisingly short. The last cut, 'The Last Run', is a pretty guitar instrumental.

This is an excellent album - Symons has a fine voice, writes good songs and has achieved a distinctive sound on this self played, self produced album.

Review link: http://www.blues.co.nz/features/article.php?id=203



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